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Allegra Design Studios provides interior decorating and design services as well as custom art, custom furniture, custom decor, custom designs for our clients in Southeast Manitoba.
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Whether you want to refresh a small space in your home, or have big dreams you want to see become a reality, I can help get you from where you are now to your fabulous finished project! From updates to renovations and new builds, here is how my process works.

Your Dream

Nothing in the world was ever built without a dream at the beginning


My process begins with you and your dream. When you contact our studio, we will have a few questions for you regarding your project. This is your opportunity to share your dream and vision. Our questions are designed to dig a bit deeper and find out what it is that you love and desire for your space. If you think you don’t know… just let go and trust the process. Answer the questions as honestly as possible and you may be surprised how much you know about what you want.


The key is to capture the spirit of the client, and the essence of the space.


This is where I come to your home and we allow your answers to provide the inspiration. Through this part of the process we continue to get a good feeling of your needs and wants. We will use this time to brainstorm, sketch ideas, go through paint swatches, rework furniture layouts and whatever else you want to touch on. We do our best to cover it all.


From inspiration, to planning, to reality…


This is a step not everyone may think they need, but in my experience it is the part of the process that brings it all together. I will come back to you with an Inspire Board. This includes ideas for colour scheme, decor, furniture, accents, pillows, draperies, artwork and more! It is the best way to visualize your complete new space before purchasing anything. You may decide that you love what I have put together and choose to move on and have us “Shop and Install” it for you (the next step), or you can keep your Inspire Board and use it as a sort of blue-print to help you put your room together on your own. Either way, our Inspire step is not only fun, it is the backbone, plan and vision for your new space that will make the execution smooth and seamless.

Shop & Install

Making dreams come to life.


These are two separate days but they go hand-in-hand. When you decide to go ahead with the design we propose at the Inspire stage I will go shopping, with your budget of course, for the pieces we sourced. I will arrive at your home, bags in hand and begin to install! This is the BEST part of the whole process. It all gets put together right there in your space and we will place each item for you. We¬†will transform your room and give it the beautiful ‘designer’ touch!

Are you ready to beautify your life?