Allegra Design Studio | How Ministry and A Home Makeover Went Hand In Hand – Part 3
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How Ministry and A Home Makeover Went Hand In Hand – Part 3



We are back with the final rooms of our House renovation Tour!  So glad you are joining us!  If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of this tour make sure to check them out HERE!

So continuing on into the Master Bedroom space…


Master Bedroom

Besides the entrance, the master bedroom experienced the biggest transformation, partly because of the addition of a walkthrough closet and master bath. To accomplish this, the addition required the moving of windows and adding a new door.





Pro Tip: Dress windows to make a room feel bigger by hanging them above the frame, wider than the frame, and all the way to the floor. This draws the eye up and gives a feeling of added height.















Initially, the master bedroom had a closet that was built-in to length of the far wall. We removed that closet and the wall, bumping it out for our addition. We placed a door to the left of the new window that now leads to the walkthrough closet and master bath, pictured below.

























What The Friesens Love About It:

“Our ensuite holds all the essentials, and still has enough room for both of us to move around and get ready simultaneously.”
















































The modern design was carried through each space, continuing the contrast between dark and light, featuring furniture with smooth lines, and accenting with bright colors of lemon and navy.




Overall, the project was a big, satisfying success – for me and for them.  Now, a year later, I reconnected with them about how their family and guests are enjoying their home. I was very excited at the response…

“We have gotten many compliments (from total strangers as well as those who know us) on the outside (and inside) of our home. Strangers have thought it is a brand new house and don’t realize it was an addition and renovation.”

Bottom line though, the family is happy and living life beautifully this space. Kendra shared,

“It’s an overall enjoyment of how the space all works together and feels. It’s light, it’s open, and I love how it’s super functional.”



Thank you so much for following us on this project tour!  I hope it was a joy to see and most of all that it inspired you to Live your Life Beautifully.





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